Fantasy Football: 7 Sleeper Quarterbacks to Target in 2018

Our football staff breaks down this year's high-upside quarterbacks to look for late in your fantasy drafts.

Sleepers. Whether you're talking about fantasy football or Lorenzo Carcaterra's 1995 legal drama, the word is sure to conjure up images of excitement and fear.

In fantasy drafts, the early rounds are safe and predictable. You focus on building your team's foundation, which you hope will be strong enough to weather any storms, be it injury, suspension, or negative regression.

Of course, those dangers are inevitable year in and year out. Your first-round pick sustains a broken arm, your tight end gets suspended for performance-enhancing drugs, and so on. Rarely does a team's top echelon remain unscathed, which is why you, dear fantasy reader, must be diligent and dig deep when doing your research.

For it isn't the early picks with which championships are won. Nay, it is in the later rounds where glory can be found. We witnessed that firsthand with guys like Deshaun Watson and Alvin Kamara.

But nobody should seek treasure on their own, which is why our football staff has identified seven sleeper quarterbacks who are being drafted no earlier than the 10th round in standard leagues, per Fantasy Football Calculator's average draft position (ADP) data.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's dig in.