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An Introduction to Cash Games in Daily Fantasy Football

When your threshold for finishing in the cash is lower, placing an emphasis on a player's floor is critical.

I was never very good at Risk when I was a kid.

Whenever I wanted to mount an attack to try to take a new territory, I'd get all skittish. I was afraid that doing so would leave me vulnerable to complete obliteration at the hands of my devilish sister. She. Was. Ruthless.

As such, I was always hesitant to take chances on something that had even the smallest chance of failure. Shockingly, failing to take risks in a game called Risk doesn't turn out too well. Whoda thunk it?

This risk-averse mindset can certainly be a hindrance in several aspects of life. Playing cash games in daily fantasy football is not one of them.

Cash games are contests such as 50/50's or head-to-head contests where about half of the field will get paid. In order to win, you either only need to beat 50 percent of the competition or to beat one opponent. This lends itself to a less risky approach than when you're in a tournament, where a significantly smaller portion of the field gets paid. Sure, you'll still need to take some risk, but that's greatly reduced.

The question becomes, though, how exactly do you beat half of the field? Let's run through some more basic strategies you can use when you're playing in a 50/50 contest or a head-to-head in order to give yourself a better chance at success.

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