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An Introduction to Tournaments in Daily Fantasy Football

How do you find the upside you need to take down a tournament in daily fantasy football? This lesson lays out some of the more basic strategies.

In my advanced and more mild-mannered age, I'm not willing to push for many causes anymore. The utility of over-easy eggs is an exception.

There are few joys greater in life than dipping sourdough toast into the uncooked yoke as it slowly leaks all over your plate. That's heaven, friends. But that doesn't mean it comes without its downside.

I'm a terrible cook and thus restricted to scrambled eggs when I cook for myself. I'm not about to ruin their sanctity with the ungraceful mitts I call hands. So, when I go out for brunch, that's basically the only time I can get myself some quality over-easy eggs.

Here comes the dilemma, though. Not all restaurants are outchea churning out top-notch over-easy eggs on every attempt. Sometimes, they overcook it. Other times, the yoke is already broken once it gets to the table, denying me of my moment of zen. I'm not blaming them -- cooking eggs to perfection is an art craft, yo. But there is some serious risk in ordering eggs this way.

Your tournament rosters in daily fantasy football should be the same way. Sure, sometimes, you're going to get a punctured yoke. You'll end up sobbing while you try to salvage it by shoveling breakfast potatoes down your esophagus.

Other times, though, you'll get that bliss. You'll watch your score shoot up, see your name ascend the rankings, and feel that extra dinero lining your pockets. You're just not going to get there without bringing a little bit of risk into your life.

Let's run through a basic overview of what you should be considering when you're filling out a roster for a tournament, in which only a small percentage of the entrants get paid. When you need to beat over 80 percent of your competition, things are bit different than they are when you only need to top 50 percent. Here is how I try to combat that when I fill out my rosters.

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